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eyelash extensions

Lash FX Introductory Kit

This is the most popular kit purchased by trainees and allows them to start practicing their newly learned skills straight away.

Containing all the required products to carry out the Lash FX eyelash extension treatment and includes practice lashes and a mannequin eye to improve speed and technique.

eyelash extensions

Lash FX Professional Kit

The Lash FX Professional Kit is ideally suited to those who intend to progress rapidly in with the Lash FX eyelash extensions treatment. This kit contains larger quantities of the products used to carry out the Lash FX eyelash extension treatment together with some advanced and retail products, practice lashes and mannequin head.

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Lash FX Express Kit

The Lash FX kit provides all the essential products required to apply express eyelash extensions. It contains a tray of lashes for up to 15 sets of express eyelash extensions, Adhesive, Adhesive remover and all the products you need to perform the treatment.

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Train the Trainer

Lash FX Train the Trainer Package will permit wholesalers and training providers to offer Lash FX certified training to their learners, with the confidence of knowing they are working with a quality professional brand.

Your educators will enjoy two days of training; one day of Lash FX training followed by a second day consisting of an assessment in-depth product knowledge and instruction on the delivery of the course.

For more information on the Train the Trainer course please contact the office on 0208 500 9028.

Our Brands

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Hi Brow

Hi Brow Professional will provide the therapist with a range of professional products and retail items to design an eyebrow unique to their client’s face shape, hair colour, age and individual expectations.

Hi Brow Professional training and the Professional Salon Workstation will give the therapist optimum opportunity to provide the client with a complete treatment journey. By offering a complete shape, colour and style service for the brows as never before every client’s individual requirements can be met.

The Hi Brow salon treatment is suitable for every client whatever their age, face shape or image. It is a combination of salon beauty skills that can be selected individually or combined to give a unique result.

The Hi Brow treatment is supported by a workstation - an essential part of the client journey is that all the products used in the salon treatment are professional, smartly presented, branded and effective.

Hi Brow training will provide all the skills to shape, colour and style brows to a different level.

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Brow Perfect

Brow Perfect is an innovative eyebrow extension salon treatment. Before the introduction of Brow Perfect, clients who have little or no brow hair, gaps in their brows, or simply uneven growth, would have to resort to makeup. Brow Perfect will give you the opportunity to re-create depth and dimension to brows by applying individual brow hairs both directly onto the skin or attached onto existing brow hairs.

Using various application techniques it is possible to create a perfect brow shape, enhance existing brow shape and, for clients with no hair, (for example those with alopecia) create a whole new eyebrow. Brow Perfect is also ideal for men, replacing course eyebrows, and adding thickness or definition.

With Brow Perfect the opportunities are endless.